4 Quick Reasons Clinically Intelligent Intake is in Our Future

Imagine entering a doctor’s office feeling truly heard and understood from the moment you walk in. No more repetitive history-taking, just focused discussions and personalized care. This is the promise of clinically intelligent intake, and it offers a glimmer of hope for physicians on the verge of burnout.

Last week, Dr. Joshua Reischer presented why it’s time to adopt clinically intelligent engagement platforms. He highlighted the increasing trend of time spent by physicians in the EHR and the labor and well-being costs associated with clerical work.

Here are four key reasons why clinically intelligent intake is the future:

Relevant Patient Forms & Questions

Gone are the days of answering irrelevant questions on endless pages. Intelligent forms adapt to your specific needs, asking only the relevant questions based on your medical history, reason for visit, and even past responses. This saves you time and starts your care journey on the right foot.

Physician Pre-Reads

Doctors are often inundated with data, leading to “information overload” and missed details. Physician pre-reads offer a solution. These computer generated summaries distill your medical information and responses, allowing doctors to walk into consultations ready, armed with insights to ask tailored questions and provide more accurate diagnoses. This fosters a deeper connection and a more fulfilling experience for both patient and doctor.

More Enjoyable Visits

Ditch the redundant history-taking! With physician pre-reads, doctors jump straight to targeted questions, saving valuable time for both parties. This translates to shorter visits with greater impact, allowing for focused discussions and a more satisfying patient experience.

Less Time Documenting

Clinically intelligent intake isn’t just about convenience; it’s about efficiency. Studies show that pre-reads can reduce post-visit documentation in the EHR by 27%. Imagine the time doctors could reclaim to connect with patients on a deeper level and provide even better care.

Learn more about how clinically intelligent intake can transform your doctor’s visits. Check out our infographic below for a quick visual summary of the benefits.

Infographic: 4 Reasons Clinically Intelligent Intake is In our Future

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