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Dr. Joshua Reischer, an internal medicine physician at Iora Health, was spending hours every day collecting, documenting and organizing his patients’ information.

He met Aaron Rau at YC startup School. Aaron, a serial entrepreneur, previously developed software platforms for Goldman Sachs & Medicare.

Josh and Aaron have now helped power over 100,000 patient visits and are on track to power over 500,000 in 2020. They are excited to help providers collect, organize, and document patient information while assisting patients to better prepare for their visits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn enables. Our doctors have up-to-date, clinical-grade, patient generated health records at the right place and time.

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Higher Efficiency of Care

Better User Experience

Decrease Physician Burn Out


Dr. Joshua Reischer, MD


    Aaron Rau, C. Eng


      Richard Lai, PhD

      Machine Learning, PhD Cornell, Fireeye

        JP Lee

        Product Designer

          Eduardo Segura

          Integrations , Goldman Sachs

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