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When it comes to writing trustworthy medical notes — we’re years ahead of the competition. Now you can get started, for free, in minutes and save hours this week.

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A Personal AI-Powered Assistant for​ Doctors Clinicians Nurses Physicians Providers

Let Health Note summarize your patient encounters effortlessly to generate comprehensive documentation and enhance patient care. Spend less time documenting and more time with people (patients and loved ones). 

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Real-Time Ambient Transcription

Health Note listens unobtrusively in the background during a visit and transcribes dialogue across multiple languages in real-time.

Instant Visit Summary & Notes

Once the visit is complete, Health Note's AI Visit Assistant summarizes the medically relevant parts of your conversation and summarizes it into clinical notes based on your preferred templates.

Customizable Notes

Clinical note summaries are available for review in seconds, and the style of note can be customized based on preference.

AI-Powered Use Cases

SOAP notes are just the beginning. Create a patient summary, write a referral, pull relevant CPT-10 codes? Health Note gives you the power to leverage transcriptions for an unlimited number of use cases.

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Part of a Platform Designed for Patients, Providers, and Revenue Integrity

Health Note pioneered the first clinically intelligent patient intake solution that asks patients questions their doctor would ask ahead of the visit to pre-generate notes. Today, Health Note generates over half a million EHR notes every month. While highly effective at reducing documentation, increasing screener completion, and creating shorter but better encounters, the organizational lift is heavy.  The Health Note Ambient Scribe gives clinicians instant value with the opportunity to adopt a comprehensive end-to-end approach to encounter documentation.

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During Visit

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  • Improve revenue integrity
  • Increase patient satisfaction & provider productivity
  • Reduce clinical burnout