Ambient AI Scribes Need a Platform to Shine

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EHRs were supposed to make things easier, but they’ve become a burden for physicians. Ambient AI medical scribes are a promising solution, but Dr. Joshua Reischer, CEO of Health Note, argues in a Becker’s Hospital Review article that a more comprehensive platform is needed.

This platform would integrate ambient AI medical scribes with other tools to streamline the entire documentation process, from pre-visit prep to in-room note-taking. The result: less busywork for doctors and a better experience for patients.

Read the full article on Becker’s Hospital Review to see how Ambient AI clinical scribes can truly shine: Don’t Settle for Half Measures: AI Scribes Need a Platform to Shine.

Here’s an accompanying infographic on the platform Dr. Reischer describes. 

Ambient Scribes and Intake for an End-to-end Intake and Documentation Platform

"While AI scribes are a powerful tool, they are just one piece of the larger puzzle."