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AI Scribes are just one piece of the puzzle, learn how Health Note leverages patient intake before the appointment to pre-document important information for revenue integrity and compliance.

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Reduce EHR work for providers, nurses & front office staff with a clinically intelligent intake.

Health Note is a clinically intelligent patient intake that creates an improved healthcare experience for care teams and patients by updating EHR data and automating clinical notes.


Quality Data
Affects Lives

Health Note increases data accuracy with proprietary validation technology across the health system, leading to positive downstream effects. Health Note distills info & creates usable notes and datasets.


Your technical teams don’t have to worry, because we take care of the integration. Our enterprise-class platform and team of technical experts leverage your existing interface, format data for your system, customize the platform to your brand, and provide turnkey implementation, support, and training

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What Our Users Say

Awesome Health Note is the best thing to work with love

Clinical Staff, Gastroenterology
Making the transition to Health Note has been seamless. This product allows my clinical team to be more patient focused. It also has allowed us to reduce the number of FTE’s for patient check-in. I have enjoyed working closely with the Health Note team. They have been able to meet and exceed every need/request our

Provider, Urology. Clinic size: 16
We are a private specialty clinic and have used Health Note for about a year. Their digital forms have made both virtual and in-office appointments much easier for our front end staff and patients. Previously we were sending .pdf forms through encrypted email and invariably we would spend significant time daily troubleshooting electronic transmission issues

Clinical Staff. Clinic size: 2

Easy to use, user friendly solution makes patient intake and communication so much easier! Direct integration into the relevant data fields in Athena facilitate new patient intake, ensuring all forms are signed, and also make sure we get the most up to date versions when they’re due. Highly

Management, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 1

Health Note has been the best platform I have come across in the Athena Marketplace. The staff is so great and literally can do anything! They have made our office run so much smoother and more time efficient. This is a must have platform for Athena! I highly

Management, Neurology. Clinic size: 7
Healthnote is one of the impressive software companies I have dealt with in my 20+ years in IT. They truly get it. This application turned out to be just what we needed in this COVID world. The check in process via txt messages is so simple. If our patients do not use the text messaging

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 58
We recently implemented Health Note at the Minnesota Urology Practice. The Health Note team is amazing to work with. I have been an Operations Director for a long time and this has been a seamless experience. Their response time is one point. The product has been widely accepted by our practice and our patients, significantly

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 59
Health Note is a great platform that has completely changed, improved and helped perfect our workflow. We only utilize the practice management piece of athena, and it interfaces to a different system. Health Note still tries to think outside the box on how to streamline our workflows and work with our set up. I would

Management, Gastroenterology

Health note has been a great addition to the practice. Smooth implementation and great customer

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 59
SteadyMD has worked closely with HealthNote for the past 6+ months and I can’t emphasize enough how much they have streamlined our intake process. What used to be a long tedious manual process is now more automatic thanks to a secure user-friendly interface that syncs patient information and even survey results directly to Athena. Now

Clinical Staff, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 51
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