Healthcare Organizations

Pre-visit Planning. Automate your intakes and provider notes.

EMR Integration means your note is 80% complete before the patient even arrives.

Auto-generate HPI and Review of Systems.

Automate intake and triage
without buying any hardware.

AI Assisted Text Extraction
Built-in AI to extract text from ID and insurance cards.
Reminders & Followup Communication via Text
Decrease calls by 50%. Automate reminders.
Proven to work for
ages 65+
Simple interface. No apps to download. Anyone with a smartphone or e-mail can use it.
SMS Link
No more confusing web portal signups or app downloads.

More features coming soon.

Insurance Eligibility & Pricing estimates.
Check insurance eligibility and coverage.
Collect CC & payment information.
Collect credit card securely and safely through our secure link.
Auto recommend relevant ICD10 codes for billing.
Base on the HPI & ROS the system will suggest possible IC10.
Relationship Engagement & Management
Stay engaged with your patients and provide community & support after the visit.