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Health Note makes it easy to start the check-in process at home using text or e-mail. The link takes patients securely to Health Note’s platform (credentials are verified with EMR data, so no special login is needed). Connecting the dots for physicians before a patient visit, advising and enabling better patient care. Our algorithms dont replace doctors they make them better. Our mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn enables.

More Accurate
Diagnosis & Treatment

Higher Efficiency
of Care

Better User

Decrease Physician Burn Out

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What Our Users Say

This was a brilliant addition to our practice. The best part for us is transference of use from front desk, to medical assistant, to provider. Health Note touches each of these and streamlines processes that were taking us far too long to do previously.

Management, Multispecialty (Primary and Specialty Care). Clinic size: 8

TEN STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My RNs used to spend hours entering patients’ medications, medical history, surgical history, and review of systems. My registration staff spent hours entering in the demographics and insurance information. My providers spent hours entering the history of present illness and verifying all of the information. Now, patients enter their own information on their computers at home before their visits OR on the iPad in the waiting room before being triaged. Every follow-up visit requires an update of their information to maintain the most accurate record of care. The patients enter in their updated information for us. Thus we get to focus on the chief complaint while monitoring comorbidities and concomitant medications. Because of Health Note, we can triage patients x 10 faster, which makes my staff much more efficient. My patients are more satisfied to have less wait time and all of us experience a much less stressful day. This has reduced burnout by the staff as well. The time I have saved using this product allows me to redirect my staff towards more direct clinical care and other important tasks. This company has been such a joy to work with, and they have saved my company tens of thousands of dollars. The product is not at all expensive and they are always available to build the interface to my exact specifications. They are efficient and a PLEASURE to work with. I have asked for 100 edits as we have gone live and they have never hesitated to deliver me a perfect product. 

Provider, Neurology. Clinic size: 8

Making the transition to Health Note has been seamless. This product allows my clinical team to be more patient focused. It also has allowed us to reduce the number of FTE’s for patient check-in. I have enjoyed working closely with the Health Note team. They have been able to meet and exceed every need/request our clinic has identified. We are transitioning our 13th location to Health Note within the next week. 

Provider, Urology. Clinic size: 16

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