Streamline Your Patient
Information Gathering

Healthcare Organizations
Reduce intake and note
writing time by up to 90%.
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Software & Platform Vendors
Add a chat bot to your EMR
in days not months.
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Automate intake and triage
without buying new hardware.

AI Text Extraction
Built-in AI to extract text from ID and insurance cards.
Reminders & Followup Communication via Text
Decrease phone calls by 50%. Automate reminders and preps.
Proven to work for
ages 65+
Simple interface. Use on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
SMS Link
No more confusing web portal signups or app downloads.

Secure Signatures
Multilingual support

Patients answer and respond in their native language while the system auto-translates it into an English billable provider note.

Beautifully designed, fully customizable

Simple customizations empower you to express your brand more clearly.