Clinicians spend too
much time writing
clinical notes.

Now they don’t have to.

Power-up digital patient intake & give care teams clinical notes before the visit starts with Health Note.

  • No Image Automatically update the patient's chart before the visit starts
  • No Image Save care teams hours per day
  • No Image Provide a 50% faster check-in experience for patients
  • No Image Make doctor-patient interactions more meaningful

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Your technical teams don’t have to worry, because we take care of the integration. Our enterprise-class
platform and team of technical experts leverage your existing interface, format data for your system,
customize the platform to your brand, and provide turnkey implementation, support, and training.

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Save Time & Resources

Pre-Visit Intake That Patients Actually Complete

80-100% of patients complete Health Note intake compared to <20% of standard digital intake forms.

Better Patient Experience

Reduced check-in paperwork means admin staff can focus on greeting patients, and prewritten clinical history means providers can focus on connecting with patients to review information and devise a care plan, instead of collecting information about the patient’s medical history.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Automating repetitive documentation means your office staff can focus efforts elsewhere – or do more with less.

Tired of Patient Frustration &
Physician Burnout?

Try Health Note. No Downloaded Apps Needed.

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What Our Clients Say

The Health Note team has greatly improved our patient intake experience. It is a win for both the patients and providers.

Provider, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 51

Love, Love , Love this App! Has made Front Office operations much quicker and Triage no longer has to have lengthy sessions with the patient. Both the staff and patients are benefiting! Thanks so much!

Administrative/Clerical Staff, Neurology. Clinic size: 8

The system is really good.

Administrative/Clerical Staff, Neurology. Clinic size: 8

Health Note delivers what they promise! It is user friendly and very easy for adult patients of all age groups to complete. On the clinical side, it has drastically improved clinic flow and efficiency. Wait times have been reduced and we are able to see more new patients. This is one of the most effective improvements our clinic has implemented!

Clinical Staff, Neurology. Clinic size: 8

Health Note is a great platform that has completely changed, improved and helped perfect our workflow. We only utilize the practice management piece of athena, and it interfaces to a different system. Health Note still tries to think outside the box on how to streamline our workflows and work with our set up. I would highly recommend Health Note to any physician office.

Management, Gastroenterology
I love health note for the simple fact that as an MA, we are given many jobs to do and a short time to do it. With Health Note it cuts down the time it takes to room a patient almost in half. Rather then listening and inserting information given by a patient, i am just reviewing information pre-submitted by a patient. Of course this is

Clinical Staff, Multispecialty (Primary and Specialty Care). Clinic size: 8

Fast, effective, and efficient. Extremely grateful for Health Note! I am not sure how we were able to manage and survive before this service. Daily operations are much more efficient in our clinic and I would recommend this tool to any clinic wanting to improve their daily operations. 

Clinical Staff, Neurology. Clinic size: 8
Health Note works great with Athena Health. This group of people have been wonderful to work with which has made this learning experience and transition easier and more smooth. We have had to change our templates multiple times and each time this staff has made all changes without complaining or questioning. I am SO happy to be using Health Note. ALL staff are more efficient and

Administrative/Clerical Staff, Neurology. Clinic size: 1
Making the transition to Health Note has been seamless. This product allows my clinical team to be more patient focused. It also has allowed us to reduce the number of FTE’s for patient check-in. I have enjoyed working closely with the Health Note team. They have been able to meet and exceed every need/request our clinic has identified. We are transitioning our 13th location to

Provider, Urology. Clinic size: 16

I have worked with many different EMR systems and Athena by far is the best. Super easy to navigate and very rarely do I have issues and if I do they are always fixed so fast. Very friendly people that you talk to. So many features that no other EMR systems have. Absolutely would recommend to any health care provider.

Clinical Staff, Internal Medicine. Clinic size: 13
Health Note has been amazing for my practice. I’m closing notes by the end of patient appointments. I haven’t done a patient note after five or on the weekends since we onboarded. Additionally, the application is user-friendly. Patients are more organized for appointments. The application teaches patients pertinent health care information prompting them to consider timing, duration, severity of symptoms prior to arrival. Finally, the Health

Provider, Multispecialty (Primary and Specialty Care). Clinic size: 8

Health Note has been a great addition to our office; user friendly, patients find it easy to use, staff loves how it has made their job much easier, workflow has improved, doctors are happy too! I highly recommend Health Note to any practice. It has made such a positive impact on our office. Thank you Health Note!

Management, Gastroenterology

Health note has been a great addition to the practice. Smooth implementation and great customer services!

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 59

Health Note is an excellent solution to streamline our workflow and reduce mistakes. Health Note’s staff, (Josh, James, Aaron, Ken, Greg) are extremely responsive to our individualized needs. They always come through. The patient interface could not be simpler. This team understands the clinical and administrative requirements/needs, but more importantly, they understand patients!

Management, Internal Medicine. Clinic size: 12
We are a large orthopedic practice with 110 providers. We had several goals: improving efficiency at our front desk, getting rid of the paper in clinic, finding a user friendly platform for patient intake, patient satisfaction with the process, assisting our clinicians with documentation and having it work seamlessly with athena. We have achieved all of those goals. It was the EASIEST implementation we have ever

Provider, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 335
TEN STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My RNs used to spend hours entering patients’ medications, medical history, surgical history, and review of systems. My registration staff spent hours entering in the demographics and insurance information. My providers spent hours entering the history of present illness and verifying all of the information. Now, patients enter their own information on their computers at home before their visits OR on the iPad

Provider, Neurology. Clinic size: 8

Awesome Health Note is the best thing to work with love it!!

Clinical Staff, Gastroenterology
SteadyMD has worked closely with HealthNote for the past 6+ months and I can’t emphasize enough how much they have streamlined our intake process. What used to be a long tedious manual process is now more automatic thanks to a secure user-friendly interface that syncs patient information and even survey results directly to Athena. Now checking in patients is literally as easy as a click

Clinical Staff, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 51
We are a private specialty clinic and have used Health Note for about a year. Their digital forms have made both virtual and in-office appointments much easier for our front end staff and patients. Previously we were sending .pdf forms through encrypted email and invariably we would spend significant time daily troubleshooting electronic transmission issues as well as document management and data entry. Now we get

Clinical Staff. Clinic size: 2
We recently implemented Health Note for our specialty practice. Our challenge was to get a high rate of at home compliance for completing forms and get the information we needed into the patient chart without extra burden on the providers. Health Note has helped us accomplish our goals. The front desk is happy that they see so many patients arrive with their forms already completed

Management, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 335

Health note has been an amazing addition to our clinic. We created a better workflow and have more accurate information in the chart. They have a great team and are easy to work with. Absolutely worth the investment and the ROI was great!!

Management, Orthopedic Surgery. Clinic size: 115

The Health Note team is amazing always responsive and efficient. HN has helped improve our patient flow enormously. Thank you!!!

Management, Internal Medicine. Clinic size: 12

This was a brilliant addition to our practice. The best part for us is transference of use from front desk, to medical assistant, to provider. Health Note touches each of these and streamlines processes that were taking us far too long to do previously.

Management, Multispecialty (Primary and Specialty Care). Clinic size: 8

Health Note has been wonderful. They are easy to work with and they are willing to make changes that could better our workflow.

Management, Orthopedic Surgery. Clinic size: 116

Health Note has been the best platform I have come across in the Athena Marketplace. The staff is so great and literally can do anything! They have made our office run so much smoother and more time efficient. This is a must have platform for Athena! I highly recommend!! 

Management, Neurology. Clinic size: 7

Health note is such a great help with our intakes!

Administrative/Clerical Staff, Internal Medicine. Clinic size: 12
We recently implemented Health Note at the Minnesota Urology Practice. The Health Note team is amazing to work with. I have been an Operations Director for a long time and this has been a seamless experience. Their response time is one point. The product has been widely accepted by our practice and our patients, significantly reducing our check in and rooming times. Patients can fill

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 59

Easy to use, user friendly solution makes patient intake and communication so much easier! Direct integration into the relevant data fields in Athena facilitate new patient intake, ensuring all forms are signed, and also make sure we get the most up to date versions when they’re due. Highly recommend.

Management, Multispecialty (Specialty Care Only). Clinic size: 1
Healthnote is one of the impressive software companies I have dealt with in my 20+ years in IT. They truly get it. This application turned out to be just what we needed in this COVID world. The check in process via txt messages is so simple. If our patients do not use the text messaging option we have iPad Kiosks in our lobby they can

Management, Urology. Clinic size: 58

Health Note: Turning Patient Intake into Clinical Conversation

Powered by the friendly Health Note chatbot

Patient interaction is the heart of what we do. Our focus on accessibility and ease of use means patients of all demographics can complete Health Note clinical intake.

Dynamic Clinical Algorithms

We believe health care should be personal. Hundreds of specialty-specific question sets drive the Health Note patient experience. Complex logic means patients skip irrelevant questions and “go deeper” when it makes sense.

Deep EHR Integration

Health tech needs to work with your workflow. We invest in EHR certifications to make sure we take our data as far as it can go when it comes to populating in the right places, so admin staff and clinical staff alike see what they need to, when they need to.

Health Note is HIPAA compliant. Our security program is aligned to the HITRUST CSF and ISO 27001 standards. It is audited regularly by an independent third party.
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