Eliminate Manual
EMR Data Entry
for Clinical Teams

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  • No Image Automate clinical note writing
  • No Image Modernize patient communication

Patient Visits

Before Visit

  • Clinical Questions by Chatbot
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Pre-Visit Registration
  • Payment Collection
  • Consent Forms
  • ID Card Capture
  • Insurance Card Capture
  • E-Signature

During Visit

  • In Office Check-in System
  • In Office Registration
  • Payment Options
  • Automated Note Creation
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • E-Signature

After Visit

  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Payment Reminders

Between Visits

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Follow-up Questions
  • Broadcast Announcements
  • Close Gaps in Care

Health Note
Connect The Dots

Connecting the dots for physicians before a patient visit, advising, and enabling better patient care. Our algorithms don’t replace doctors they make them better. Our mission is to empower patients to partake in their own health records and in turn:

  • Enable accurate diagnosis & treatment
  • Higher efficiency of care
  • Better experience

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Physicians spend less time collecting, organizing, and documenting data


Patient completion rate prior to arrival and 100% prior to seeing doctor with in office kiosk option


Less load on check-in staff

Quality Data
Affects Lives

Health Note increases data accuracy with proprietary validation technology across the health system, leading to positive downstream effects. Health Note distills info & creates usable notes and datasets.

  • Ask clinical questions pre-visit
  • Write physicians notes
  • Deep EMR integration
  • No workflow change
  • Easy for 65+

Tired of Patient Frustration &
Physician Burnout?

Try Health Note. No Downloaded Apps Needed.

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Why Health Note

Intelligent Conversations

Improve relationships with your patients. Use proprietary clinical algorithms to ensure your patients aren’t burdened with repeat questions. We remember previous conversations for follow-up visits.

Dynamic Clinical Algorithms

Questions are relevant to the patient treatment, covering multiple specialties. Health Note knows what type of visit the patient has and applies that and previous visit information when asking questions.

Deep EMR Integration

Not just PDF’s. The data we collect is structured and flows into the the correct fields in the patient’s chart. Our patient conversations use relevant existing EMR data to ask the right questions.

Health Note is HIPAA compliant. Our security program is aligned to the HITRUST CSF and ISO 27001 standards. It is audited regularly by an independent third party.
$ / hr
$ / hr
Total Savings
min / day
/ year

Pre-Visit Planning
with Health Note Saves

Savings and Benefits

80-100% Pre-visit completion rate.

Reduce Admin Costs

Decreased call volume with automated reminders and follow-up texts.

Faster & More Accurate Reimbursement

Patients are better prepared to answer questions when they’re at home.

Patient Check-In

Automate your Entire Check In Process
Only ask questions relevant to the current visit.

Additional Benefits

  • Set up system in minutes!
  • Collection of payment, ID, and insurance through Health Note mobile or iPad kiosk reduces wait time.
  • System is configurable to fit the needs of your patients and practice.


Your technical teams don’t have to worry, because we take care of the integration. Our enterprise-class
platform and team of technical experts leverage your existing interface, format data for your system,
customize the platform to your brand, and provide turnkey implementation, support, and training.

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