Health Note is a Smarter Patient Engagement & Note Automation Platform in the Age of AI

The most advanced patient engagement and intake platform, designed from the ground up, for athenahealth groups with 15 or more providers.


Relevant & Accurate Notes That Write Themselves

Health Note, the first clinically intelligent intake platform, has been trained on 40+ specialties to ask patients relevant questions during intake that account for their historical data and reason for visiting. Health Note distills into usable notes and datasets — increasing data accuracy, relevancy, and usefulness to care.

Seamless Integration, Not Just PDFs

We built Health Note for athenahealth users. The data we collect is structured and flows into the the correct fields in the patient’s chart. Our patient conversations use relevant existing EMR data to ask the right questions.


How it Works

Patient gets a text with a link
Health Note looks at your appointment schedule. For upcoming appointments, patients are sent reminder text messages or emails that include a link to their intelligent intake questionnaire. Message content varies based on your specialty and the appointment type. No app to download.
Link takes you to Health Note platform
Health Note makes it easy to start the check-in process at home using text or e-mail. The link takes patients securely to Health Note’s platform (credentials are verified with EMR data, so no special login is needed).
Intelligent intake that remembers and learns
Health Note remembers information that patients have entered for past visits, so no need to re-enter data. What's more? Health Note has been trained on over 40 specialties and knows what questions their doctor will ask ask to help pre-write their documentation.
Update athenahealth & generate a note
Health Note generates pre-visit documentation in the HPI note for use by the physician before and during the visit. All other data is updated into discrete data fields. Notes are made when a patient contradicts the system.

And... so much more.

Before Visit

During Visit

After Visit

Between Visit

Patient Check-In

Automate your Entire Check In Process Only ask questions relevant to the current visit.

Pre-Visit Planning
with Health Note Saves

See What Users Have to Say

"A very friendly patient experience"

Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Patient Access at Midwest Ortho at RUSH, Renée Glanzman, MS-HSM, FACMPE, was kinda enough to record a quick testimonial for us to share when we saw her at The OrthoForum.

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Health Note is HIPAA compliant. Our security program is aligned to the HITRUST CSF and ISO 27001 standards. It is audited regularly by an independent third party.